• 3 April, 2021

LINEUP REVEAL: World Open + World Deadlift Championships

Since the dawn of time, mankind has constantly strived to achieve more and more and in 2021, the World’s Strongest Men are pushing to move the Strongman deadlift world record even higher again. On August 14th, 16 men will take part in the World Deadlift Championships and compete to have their names etched into the annals of history by lifting an incredible 505kg from the floor. The $50,000 prize money will surely help their motivation, too! CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR SPECIAL GUESTS!


In addition to the incredible lineup for The World Deadlift Championships, 11 of the World’s Strongest Men will be assembling in the AO Arena, Manchester to battle it out over 5 gruelling events to get their hands on the coveted Giants Live trophy and a golden ticket to World’s Strongest Man 2022!

Get ready for an incredible display of strength, excitement and adrenaline as these amazing men lift, flip, drag and hulk scarcely believable weights right in front of your eyes!


Oleksii Novikov – “The World’s Strongest Man” – Ukraine
Gabriel Peña – “The Texan Titan” – USA
Adam Bishop – “Bish” – England
Luke Stoltman – “The Highland Oak” – Scotland
Terry Hollands – “Big Tel” – England
Tom Stoltman – “The Albatross” – Scotland
Evan Singleton – “T-Rex” – USA
Mikhail Shivlyakov – “Shivvers” – Russia
Luke Richardson – “The Future” – England
Cheick Sanou – “Iron Biby” – Burkina Faso
Rauno Heinla – “6x Estonia’s Strongest Man” – Estonia


Don’t forget, Event 1 of The Giants Live WORLD OPEN is the World Deadlift Championships, where fans may well see the Deadlift World Record beaten! Find out the FULL LINEUP for The World Deadlift Championships 2021 at the AO Arena, Manchester on August 14th HERE!