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Giants Live: The Official World's Strongest Man Arena Tour

Giants Live is the official World’s Strongest Man Qualifying Tour – the only way for strongman athletes around the World to qualify for the biggest, longest running, most coveted strongman title of all time: The World’s Strongest Man!

Strongman athletes from around the world compete across 6 HUGE Arena shows, each athlete competing for the chance to win a golden ticket to the World’s Strongest Man Final.

The entire Giants Live World’s Strongest Man Qualifying Tour is filmed for Channel 5 and broadcast over Christmas each year as part of the one and only World’s Strongest Man Series.

You’ve seen it on TV – but strongman shows of this scale are best seen up-close and face-to-face with the record-breaking, shirt-ripping, sinew busting action. There’s really nothing quite like watching a strongman show live! Tickets for the World’s Strongest Man Tour can be found on our website – check out our up and coming shows to find a World’s Strongest Man Tour date near you!

We may put on the BIGGEST strongman shows on the PLANET, but Giants Live is run by a very small but dedicated team!

Lugging equipment, capturing the action behind cameras, making sure our athletes are in the right place at the right time (not to mention, wearing the right T-shirt… and, let’s just say, bossing about the Beast is not a task for the faint hearted!), speedy set changes, refereeing, score counting, tech support…and pretty much everything from painting logs to video editing! Running strongman shows on the scale of Giants Live requires an endless amount of skill, energy and behind the scenes graft – and our little team bring all three in strongman-sized bucket loads.

But do you want to know the best thing about the Giants Crew? Each and every one of us has a passion for strength. World’s Strongest Man has been running since 1977 – we all grew up watching it, so you can imagine how incredibly proud we are to be a part of the original and best Strongman Series in the World!

The magic of the World’s Strongest Man Qualifying Tour happens because we love this crazy sport of strongman just as much as you do!

STRONGMAN – this is sports entertainment at its best!

Running the biggest strongman shows on the planet is what we do best – the spectacle that is the World’s GIANTS tackling incredible feats of strength – carrying cars, hoisting logs above their heads and throwing around giant boulders like they were papier-mâché holds an undeniable and universal appeal.

But strongman is much more than just a spectacle to behold – we have and always will strive to grow this jaw-dropping and unique sport. We want to give the brave athletes of this sport the audience and recognition they have always deserved. We want strongman fans around the world to be able to watch, follow and participate in this sport like they would any other.

When Giants Live held its first show, it was in a gym car park with an audience of around 50 people. Now we are touring the UK, filling out Stadiums with 10,000+ strongman fans just like you. Strongman is evolving and we can’t thank you, the fans, enough for your support as we continue to move this sport onwards and upwards.

If you love watching World’s Strongest Man on Channel 5 and you haven’t seen it LIVE – what are you waiting for? Find a tour date near you and come and join the revolution of strongman with Giants Live!

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