• 14 August, 2021

Hear the T-Rex roar! World Open and World Deadlift Championships 2021 results

Strongman season is officially underway! The Giants Live World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour arrived in Manchester on 14 August 2021 for the World Open and the World Deadlift Championships – the first show back at the AO Arena since lockdown restrictions started over 16 months ago.

With a fierce battle between some of the strongest men in the world, attempts to achieve the impossible and the accompanying roar of 5,000 strongman fans, we certainly made sure it was re-opened in spectacular style!

World Deadlift Championships 2021 Results

The strongman showdown opened with the World Deadlift Championships. A $50,000 prize fund for any man who could lift 505kilos and beat the current world record (a 500kg competition lift record held by Eddie Hall and 501kg exhibition record held by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) drew the strongest lifters from the world of both strongman and powerlifting.

Two men attempted the seemingly impossible: Pavlo Nakonechnyy and Ivan Makarov.

Welcome to the 1,000lbs club!

The world record deadlift may not have fallen at the World Deadlift Championships 2021, but with arguably the strongest field of lifters ever seen, the athletes proved that we’re on the precipice of a new era of strength. It was a demonstration not only of just how incredible the achievements of both Eddie Hall and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson are, but that their records WILL be broken.

One day – just not today.

Until now, the “1,000lb Club” (453.5kg) had an exclusive membership of just 7 members. In one single and inspirational night, that club membership has now doubled, with 7 men joining its elite ranks.

Nedzmin Ambeskovic, Adam Bishop, Evan Singleton, Oleksii Novikov, Gabriel Pena and Pavlo Nakonechnyy hit competition PB’s with incredible 1,000lb / 453.5 kg deadlifts.

But it was Ivan Makarov who took the title of World Deadlift Champion 2021 with an impressive 475kg lift.

World Open 2021 Results

The remaining events of the World Open 2021 included a carry and drag (160kg in each hand for the carry and a 350kg anchor drag); a 150kg Viking Press; a 30kg hammer hold for time; and of course the only way to end a strongman show – the iconic Atlas Stones (weighing 100kg to 180kg).

Standout performances came from late entrant to the World Open Gabriel Pena representing Mexico, who won event 4 ‘the Hammer Hold’ with a hold time of 46.85 seconds and Wales’ Strongest Man Gavin Bilton who secured 11 repetitions in the newly-built 3-log Viking Press, falling just one short of Evan Singleton’s formidable winning 12 reps after breaking the Welsh deadlift record.

In the end, it was Evan Singleton’s consistency and winning performances in the Carry & Drag and Viking Press, alongside a 2nd place in the show-finale Atlas Stones which secured him the World Open title with 43 points, pipping Adam Bishop (40.5 points) and Oleksii Novikov (39.5 points) to the title.

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Full results for each event can be found below!

Event 1: World Deadlift Championships 2021 Results

Event 2: Carry & Drag

Event 3: Viking Press

Event 4: Hammer Hold

Event 5: Castle Stones

Final scores

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