Spenser Remick

Date of birth 30/04/1987 Country North America Height 1.85m/6’ 1” Weight 149kg/328lb
About Spenser Remick


Spenser Remick is an American professional strongman from Iowa, in the Midwestern region of the United States. He is the current Official Strongman Games Open Champion and a competitor who is well known for his all-round ability and consistency across the events.

Having competed on the pro scene since 2015, Remick was a former collegiate football player who was no stranger to the weight room prior to his post-football decision to enter and compete in a strongman contest. He attributes his hunger to keep improving to his disappointment in finishing third at his first competition.

Like many other athletes, he was inspired to try strongman after watching World’s Strongest Man on ESPN in the late 90’s. Spenser studied Business Management at University and is married with a young daughter, Rhea Evelyn.


Having graduated from college, Remick began competing in strongman to give himself a competitive outlet and to keep himself active in a lifting environment – something he was no stranger to, due to his football playing. He entered and took third place in his first contest, a local competition, and was sufficiently encouraged by his performance to continue training and looking for more contests.

Spenser earned his pro card and made his debut at the 2015 America’s Strongest Man contest, where he placed 9th. Over the next few years, he made appearances at the Arnold World Series qualifier, in Poland, the Strongman Champion’s League and his first Official Strongman Games performance in 2017, where he finished 3rd – his first podium placing at a major competition.

As a result of that performance, Spenser made his Giants Live debut at the North American Open in Martinsville, Indiana, where he finished a creditable 6th, placing highly in the Super Yoke. Injury slowed his progress, as did the scarcity of competition following the covid pandemic. A fourth-place finish at the 2019 Official Strongman Games, as well as a 7th at America’s Strongest Man the following year were the main highlights.

In 2021, Spenser improved to 2nd at the Official Strongman Games, losing by the narrowest of margins to Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR). This qualified him to compete at The Strongman Classic at The Royal Albert Hall, where he finished 7th in a stacked field. Later in 2022 he took his first major competition victory, coming out on top at the same competition.

Best Title

In November 2022, on his fourth attempt, Spenser won the Official Strongman Games Open title, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He had come as close as is possible the previous year, finishing on equal points with Ukraine’s winner, Pavlo Kordiyaka. This time he managed to secure a 3-point victory over South Africa’s Jaco Schoonwinkel, with Matthew Ragg of New Zealand coming in third.

Incredibly, Remick managed to take victory despite placing last in the Sandbag to Shoulder event. He recovered by taking an event win in the Car Walk, and second place finishes in Deadlift, Farmer’s Walk and Viking Press.

Competition Results

  • Official Strongman Games – 2022: Winner, 2021: Runner-up, 2019: 4th place, 2017: 3rd place
  • Giants Live – 2022 Strongman Classic: 7th place, 2018 North American Open: 6th place
  • America’s Strongest Man – 2020: 7th place, 2015: 9th place
  • Arnold Series Qualifier – 2017 Poland: 6th place
  • Strongman Champions League – 2017 Canada: 7th place

Best Lifts


  • Deadlift: 380kg/838lb
  • Log Lift: 175kg/386lb
  • Hercules hold: 52.16 sec
  • Atlas Stones: (Giants Live Caste Stones heavy set) 5 in 51.24 sec


  • Deadlift: 398kg/877lb
  • 18” Deadlift: 430kg/948lb
  • Log Lift: 192kg/425lb
  • Giant Circus Dumbbell: 125kg/265lb
  • Atlas Stone: 206kg (22” diameter) on to 48” platform
  • Axle Press: 190kg/418lb x 3 repetitions
  • Barbell Push Press: 184kg/406lb

Present Day

As a fully qualified Giants Live athlete, Spenser’s next appearance, following his Strongman Classic performance, will be to represent the United States at the World’s Strongest Nation event at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena, which is the curtain-closer for the 2022 Giants Live Arena Tour.

As the Official Strongman Games Open Champion, Spenser is certain to be selected for further Giants contests next year, and will be hoping to claim a podium place and secure his first invite to World’s Strongest Man.


Spenser is active on a few social media platforms, including Instagram where his account is found at @spenserremick. He has a YouTube channel with numerous clips of his training, though none of these are recent. There is however plenty of material about Spenser to be found on YouTube, including interviews and profiles, as well as competition footage. In addition he has a Facebook account – Spenser Remick, which features up-to-date news and clips from his training, competitions, and everyday life.

Videos of Spenser Remick


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World’s Strongest Nation 2023: UK vs USA
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