Rhianon Lovelace

Competing at Britain’s Strongest Woman 2024
Nickname 5ft of Fury Date of birth 30/03/1996 Country United Kingdom Height 1.52m (5' 0") Weight 61kg (135lb)
About Rhianon Lovelace


Rhianon Lovelace is an U64kg strongwoman who is widely considered to be the pound for pound strongest woman on the planet. She is a two-time World’s Strongest Woman winner and multiple strongwoman world record holder. Many of her records span several weight division and exceed the best lifts of much heavier athletes.

Representing Wales, Rhainon is a gym owner, coach, and business owner – she runs Kaos Strength Promotions. Before getting involved in strongwoman, she was a semi-professional dressage Rider and breeder. She studied astrophysics and maths at the University of Central Lancashire and owns four dogs!

Aside from her insatiable competitive ambitions, Lovelace is Inspired to open doors and opportunities for the next generation of strongwomen. Redefining new limits of female strength is her mission, as well as helping to overcome the lack of opportunities for female athletes due to their gender. She feels that women are often not being taken as seriously as her male counterparts and her performances have gone a long way towards rectifying that.


Rhianon was a powerlifter from a young age and only became involved in strongwoman after her partner, strongman Luke Davies, dared her. She quickly fell in love with the sport and showed remarkable talent – she won her very first contest, which was a World’s Strongest Woman qualifier. That was in 2016, the following year she placed 9th at World’s.

Lovelaces’s rise in the sport has been meteoric; the following year she won her first World’s Strongest Woman title which precipitated a remarkable run of title-winning performances that have made her one of the most decorated strongwomen in the world. Winning two World titles, three European and three British championships, Rhianon has also competed with astonishing success in weight categories well above her own.

She has established fourteen World Records including Atlas Stone, Axle Press, Deadlift, Silver Dollar Deadlift, and the heaviest Axle Deadlift ever performed across any weight category. Her Deadlift world record of 282.5kg/623lb is a three-weight division record, with only the heavyweight women exceeding her effort. Such is her strength; Rhianon is increasingly competing in heavier weight divisions whilst keeping her bodyweight well within her own 64kg limit.

Best Title

In 2018, after placing 9th the year before, Rhianon claimed her first World’s Strongest Woman title in the U64kg division. Competing in Raleigh, North Carolina, she produced a stunning 8-point victory over Canada’s Alyssa Anderson in which she took event wins in the Deadlift Ladder, Wheelbarrow Carry and Carry Medley. She reclaimed her title in 2022.

Lovelace is regarded as the pound-for-pound strongest woman on the planet and it’s easy to understand why. Her U64kg deadlift record is just 35.5kg shy of Lucy Underdown’s open division world record, despite her bodyweight being around half that of the Englishwoman. In 2019 Eddie Hall took on Lovelace in a pound-for-pound lifting challenge and was forced to concede victory.


Competition Results

  • U64kg World’s Strongest Woman:
    • 2018 & 2022 – Winner
    • 2021 – Runner-up
    • 2017 – 9th place
  • Official Strongman European Championships 2023: Winner
  • Arnold UK Pro 2022: Winner
  • Europe’s Strongest Woman: 3 x Winner
  • Britain’s Strongest Woman: 3 x Winner

Best Lifts


  • Deadlift: 282.5kg/623lb
  • Axle Deadlift of 261.5kg/577lb (World Record across all weight categories)
  • Strict Press: 90kg/198lb
  • Bench Press: 115kg/254lb
  • Raw Deadlift: 241kg/531lb

Training Lifts

  • Yoke pickup: 410kg/904lb
  • Squat: 227kg/500lb

Present Day

Rhianon will be competing at Britain’s Strongest Woman on September 30th, which is being presented by Giants Live, as part of their Weekend of Strength double header, with England’s Strongest Man the day after. Incredibly, she will be competing as an Open Division athlete, facing women well in excess of 100kg, despite weighing just 61kg.

Lovelace will also be looking to win her third World’s Strongest Woman title when she competes in Charleston, West Virginia, on December 1st – 3rd for the official Strongman Games.


Rhianon is active on social media and produces a great deal of content for both her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Over 50k followers keep track of her Instagram page: rhi.lovelace and much of her training and competition performances, as well as her promotional material for Kaos Productions can be found on her Facebook page: Rhianon Lovelace.

There’s an abundance of videos featuring Rhianon on YouTube, including her video with Eddie Hall, titled: World’s Strongest Man vs World’s Strongest Women, which has garnered over 4.1m views. Her upcoming performances at both Britain’s Strongest Woman and the Official Strongman Games will be available to livestream at

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