Rebecca Roberts

Competing at The World’s Strongest Nation 2023
Nickname The Welsh Wonder Date of birth 18/12/1994 Place of birth Wales Country UK Height 1.93m (6'4") Weight 140kg (308lbs)
About Rebecca Roberts


Rebecca Roberts, from Bangor, in North Wales, is the 2021 World’s Strongest Woman and multiple grip strength World Champion. A former rugby player, she has won numerous domestic titles, as well as the European Title in a strength career that has now spanned seven years.

Despite her status as the current world number one, Rebecca works full time as a quality assurance analyst and must fit her gruelling twenty hours training a week around her work schedule. This is helped by the fact that she can work from home, choosing her own hours.

Rebecca is a strong advocate for body positivity and mental health issues, partly due to the bullying she suffered as a child due to her size, weight and even her curly hair. She hopes to be an inspiration to women and girls, encouraging them to “do and be whoever you want”. She regularly receives messages from girls she has helped: “it’s nice to get trophies, but it’s even better helping other people.”

Less well-known facts about Rebecca include: she studied forensic psychology at Liverpool University; when she is not lifting massive weights, she enjoys Disney films and is really into unicorns!


Rebecca’s partner and coach, Paul Savage (a former strongman competitor), agreed to train her and assist her weight loss, as well as rehabilitate a rugby back injury. His encouragement led to her entering her first strongwoman competition, the 2016 UK’S Strongest Woman, which amazingly, she won.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 Rebecca won two World Grip Championships and set a slew of grip strength World Records. In addition, she also won two World Championships competing in the World Heavy Events Association, as well as a second-place finish at the 2018 Europe’s Strongest Woman event.

In 2019, Rebecca returned to Europe’s Strongest Woman, in Rotherham, and this time was victorious. She also claimed the first of three Wales’ Strongest Woman titles, with victories coming again in 2021 and 2022. She finished off a superb season by winning Britain’s Strongest Woman and making her debut At World’s Strongest Woman, where she placed 7th.

Between 2019 and 2021, Rebecca lost an incredible 9 stone (57kg/126lb) in order to improve her overall strength and athleticism. The results were an emphatic success, and she was able to improve her 7th place finish in 2019 by taking 1st place in 2021 and the World Strongest Woman title!

Best Title

In November 2021, Rebecca achieved her sports’ highest accolade by winning World’s Strongest Woman, in Daytona Beach, Florida, at the Official Strongman Games. In a hotly contested competition, featuring a field of ten athletes, she was able to defeat Ukraine’s Olga Liashchuk by a single point and was 3.5 points ahead of England’s Annabelle Chapman, who was 3rd.

Roberts is the first woman from Wales to lift the World Title but did so without winning a single event. Prevailing through consistency; of the six events she took two second-place finishes, three third places and a fourth. Her best results came in the Carry and Drag and Atlas Stones.

Competition Results

  • 2021 World’s Strongest Woman: Winner, 2019 – 7th Place
  • 2019 Europe’s Strongest Woman: Winner, 2018 – Runner-up
  • Wales Strongest Woman: Winner in 2019, 2021 & 2022
  • UK’s Strongest Woman: Winner in 2016 & 2022
  • World Grip Championships: Winner in 2017 & 2018
  • 2018 British Grip Championships: Winner
  • 2022 Queen of the Stones: Winner

Best Lifts

Competition Lifts

  • Forward hold: 22.5kg/50lb for 39.09 seconds (World Record)
  • Log Lift: 107kg/235lb for 5 repetitions
  • Deadlift: 227.5kg/500lb
  • Thor’s Hammer: 39 seconds (World Record)
  • Rebecca holds a large number of grip strength World Records, including: Handshake Lift, Double Overhand Thumbless Axle Deadlift, Thumbless Rolling Handle, Little Big Horn, 2.5” Crusher, 3” Tribolite and IronMind Block.


  • Atlas Stone: 180kg/396lb single stone load
  • Farmer’s Walk: 150kg/330lb each hand
  • Super Yoke: 325kg/717lb
  • Sandbag Carry: 120kg/265lb for 60 metres

Present Day

Rebecca will be representing Team UK at the Giants Live World Strongest Nation contest, where male and female teams from the UK will be taking on Team USA on 26th November 2022 at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena.

Looking to the future, Rebecca wants to make some improvements to her performances and retain her World Title in 2022. Longer term, she aims to become the GOAT – the strongest woman to have ever lived, and to win five World’s Strongest Woman titles, leaving a legacy of epic proportions.


Fans of Rebecca and women’s strongman can find her on YouTube under Rebecca Roberts Strongwoman. Her channel features numerous training videos and vlogs. Aside from her own channel, there are several videos featuring Rebecca’s training and competitions.

On Instagram Rebecca’s handle is @rebeccarobertsstrongwoman. She keeps this channel updated regularly with her everyday life and training/competition events. On Facebook she can be found under: Rebecca Roberts Strongwoman

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