Fredrik Johansson

Competing at Europe’s Strongest Man 2024
Date of birth 03/04/1986 Country Sweden Height 1.94m Weight 158kg
About Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson is the Sweden’s Strongest Man title holder and is one of the top Scandinavian strength athletes currently on the circuit. Like his countryman and 1998 World’s Strongest Man winner, Magnus Samuelsson, Fredrik is part of a rich Nordic tradition in Strongman – one in which he hopes to write his own chapter in the next few years. When not hefting Atlas Stones and giant logs, he works as a project engineer in the concrete department which is currently expanding Stockholm’s metro system. Luckily for him the role requires no hard physical work so he can save all his energy for training and competing. Fredrik, who was formerly an ice hockey player, lists hunting as one of his hobbies and cites Poland’s Mateusz Kieliszkowski as the athlete he most admires in the sport.

Johansson’s sporting career began in ice hockey and progressed into strength training when he was inspired to get involved in Strongman after watching the Magnus Samuelsson documentary “World’s Strongest Arms.” The Swede’s journey to become his nation’s strongest man began in 2014, where he finished down in 10th. With another two year’s training and development under his belt, he returned in 2016 to place 7th, a position he was to replicate the following year. Another two-year break saw him improve to 6 th in 2019. An 8 th place finish in 2020 did not deter Fredrik who went on to claim 4 th in 2021 with an event win in the Deadlift for Reps. Returning the next year, he could do no better than 4 th , once again, after a disappointing start in the Log Lift and no points in the natural stones. Understandably deflated, he maintained his resolve and with a contest win coming his way at Finland’s Strongest Viking, he proved that perseverance is the key and won the Swedish title in 2023.

Best Title
In 2023, on his eighth attempt, Fredrik claimed the title he had been trying to win for nine years – Sweden’s Strongest Man! In a gruelling 7-event contest in Västerås, he overcame his nearest rival, Marcus Yngvesson, by a 2.5-point margin to take the victory. With a consistent performance in the first 6 events that included 3 rd place event finishes in Squat Lift and Super Yoke, Johansson nonetheless needed a win in the final event – 18-inch Deadlift – to secure the win.

Competition Results

Sweden’s Strongest Man:
2023 – Winner,
2022 & 2021 – 4th place
2020 – 8th place
2019 – 6th place
2017 & 2016 – 7th place
2014 – 10th place

Strongest Viking in Finland
2022: Winner

Best Lifts

Competition Lifts
Deadlift: 380kg/837lb
Silver Dollar Deadlift: 420kg/948lb
Log Lift: 165kg/364lb
Axle Press: 170kg/375lb
Dumbbell Press: 110kg/243lb for 3 repetitions
Keg Toss: 7.30m with a 14kg/31lb keg
Atlas Stone: 213kg/470lb

Training Lifts
Deadlift: 360kg/794lb for 5 repetitions
Squat: 285kg/628lb for 8 repetitions
Bench Press: 220kg/485lb

Future Goals
Having won his coveted national title, Fredrik’s invite to compete at Giants Live represents a big step-up in class and an opportunity to prove his ability alongside the world’s best strength athletes. It’s an opportunity he will relish; the Swede has big plans for his competitive future and aims to become World’s Strongest Man one day.