Eddie Williams

Country Australia Height 1.94m (6' 4") Weight 190kg (419lb)
About Eddie Williams


Eddie Williams is a two-time Australia’s Strongest Man winner and World’s Strongest Man competitor from Adelaide, South Australia. He is a man of many talents and is perhaps best known for his appearances on Australia and America’s Got Talent, where he wowed the audiences with his singing ability, as well as his strength.

When not training and competing the father of three works full time as a youth support worker for children with autism. Before strongman he worked as a wedding singer and actor. He also models for Australian plus-size clothing brand Johnny Bigg.

At 1.94m/6’ 4” and 190kg/419lb, Eddie is one of the biggest strongmen on the circuit and is a firm favourite with the crowds. At the Giants Live Strongman Classic, he sung to the audience between events, fulfilling a lifetime ambition to sing at The Royal Albert Hall.


Williams won his first national title in 2017, winning Australia’s Strongest Man in Melbourne at the age of twenty-seven. He was able to repeat that feat the following year and then went on to contest the Arnold Classic Australia where he placed 8th in a top-class international field including Martins Licis, J.F Caron and winner, Rauno Heinla.

In 2019 Eddie won the Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man contest and competed in more Arnold Pro Strongman World Series events, including South America, where he placed 8th in São Paulo, Brazil, and in Australia where he improved to 5th place, winning the Power Stairs event. He also received his first invitation to attend World’s Strongest Man in Bradenton, Florida, where he finished 5th in his heat.

Eddie also made his Giants Live debut in 2019, competing in Martinsville, Indiana, at the North American Open, in which he placed 7th against a mostly American field. The following year Williams competed at the Arnold USA’s but could only place 12th.

Eddie’s two-year break from competing internationally ended in 2022 when he was flown to London as a last-minute replacement for Iron Biby at The Strongman Classic. Considering how little time he had to prepare and the length of his flight the day before the contest, his 6th place finish was an impressive achievement. Williams won the Hercules hold and placed well in the Farmer’s Walk and Atlas Stones.

Best Title

In 2017, Williams captured his first Australia’s Strongest Man title, in Melbourne. He defeated 2nd placed Vernon van Schalkwyk by an impressive seven-point margin. On his way to victory, Eddie managed event wins in the Power Stairs, Truck Pull, Fingal’s Fingers, and Deadlift Hold.

He successfully defended his title the following year, although his margin of victory was narrowed to just a 1.5-point win over Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf, with Eben le Roux in 3rd.

Competition Results

  • 2019 World’s Strongest Man: 5th place in heat
  • Giants Live: Strongman Classic 2022 – 6th place, North American Open 2019 – 7th place
  • Arnold Pro Strongman World Series: USA 2020 – 12th, South America 2019 – 8th, Australia 2019 – 5th, Australia 2018 – 9th
  • Australia’s Strongest Man: 2017 & 2018 Winner
  • 2019 Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man: Winner

Best Lifts


  • Deadlift: 360kg/794lb
  • Deadlift variation: 440kg/970lb
  • Log lift: 160kg/353lb
  • Axle press: 150kg/331lb
  • Hercules Hold: 72.01 sec
  • Atlas Stones: 5 stones in 34.31 sec (120kg/265lb – 200kg/441lb)


  • Trap bar deadlift: 450kg/992lb
  • Frame Deadlift: 472.5kg/1,042lb

Present Day

Whilst competing at The Strongman Classic, Williams revealed that a change in his working hours had now facilitated the opportunity for him to pursue strongman with more focus and his training has intensified as a result. His next competitive outing will be at the Giants Live World Tour Finals and Eddie has stated that he is feeling much stronger than earlier in the year.

Eddie has competed only sporadically in recent years and hopefully we will now get the chance to see him in action more frequently.


Williams made an appearance on Australia’s Got Talent in October 2019 and his audition, in which he first showed his strength by lifting Atlas Stones, then surprised the audience with his soulful singing voice, proved a big hit both live and online. He was invited to appear at America’s Got Talent: Champions 2 and made just as big an impression.

Eddie has several social media channels open and keeps his followers entertained with his song covers, comedic sketches and strongman performances. He has 176k followers on Facebook where he can be found as Strongman Eddie Williams. On Twitter he is @eddiejoewilliams and has the same handle on Instagram. His YouTube channel has nearly 17,000 subscribers and is called Eddie Jo Williams.

Williams’ performance at The Strongman Classic and the World Tour Finals will be aired over the Christmas period on UK terrestrial television’s Channel 5 as part of the World’s Strongest Man Finals and Giants Live Arena Tour series.

Videos of Eddie Williams


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