• 1 February, 2022
  • 5 minutes

World’s Strongest Nation: A UK vs USA showdown!

Breaking news: USA vs UK in FIRST EVER World's Strongest Nation contest!

Ever since the early days of World’s Strongest Man, USA and UK have both battled to reign supreme as the most decorated nation in Strongman. With 12 1st place finishes at World’s Strongest Man to their name, the USA is widely regarded at the strongest nation on the planet. Indeed, in the past 10 years 50% of all the winners of World’s Strongest Man have been from the USA.

Strength sports have had somewhat of a renasance in the UK in the post Eddie Hall era- with both the World’s Strongest Man and World’s Strongest Woman titles held by Brits, you’d be hard pushed to call the UK anything but the Strongest Nation on the Planet right now.

With a level playing field, both men and women competing side-by-side, who would win? UK or USA? Well, this November in Liverpool we’re going to find out!


It’s time for a showdown!

Giants Live are proud to announce the first edition of the World’s Strongest Nation: UK vs USA! 2 teams, made up of the STRONGEST Men and Women from the UK and USA will go head to head in the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool on November 26th to settle the score and fight it out to claim the World’s Strongest Nation inaugural trophy!

In a world first, teams featuring the World’s Strongest Men and World’s Strongest Women will work together: lifting, pulling, dragging and throwing their way to victory for their home nations! Never before has Strongwoman been featured alongside Strongman at one of the UK’s biggest arenas and we can’t wait to showcase their incredible strength!

Team UK and Team USA will also be captained by legendary Strongmen who will hand-pick their dream team of Strongmen and Strongwomen who they think will bring home the trophy! We’re yet to announce team captains, so stay tuned for some big news soon.

Want to see the World’s Strongest Nation LIVE in Liverpool? Tickets are available HERE!