• 5 May, 2024

Tom Stoltman Wins Third World’s Strongest Man Title

The Albatross, Tom Stoltman, has cemented himself as a true legend of Strongman by winning a third world title in Myrtle Beach. Holding off the challenge from his great rival, defending champion Mitchell Hooper, the giant Scot never put a foot wrong and accumulated a 5.5-point winning margin.

The 6-foot, 8-inch Invergordon Goliath joins Bill Kazmaier on three titles and has now not been out of the top two places at World’s since 2020. Placing in the top 3 in every event, Tom shared event wins with Hooper in the Max Axle Press and Keg Toss, before winning his favourite event, the Atlas Stones, to cap off a flawless display.

Hooper put up a brave defence of the title he took from Tom last year, but lost ground early in Event 1. Taking a disappointing 6th place in the Knaack Giant’s Medley, he tore the callouses on both hands. Equalling Stoltman in Events 2 and 3, he clawed back a single point in the Conan’s Wheel but struggled with his grip in the Deadlift. His runner-up finish is his sixteenth consecutive podium finish since the 2022 final.

Third place was claimed by the only American in the final – Evan Singleton, who managed to hold off a second-day charge from New Zealand’s Mathew Ragg. Both men made their grand final debuts last season, and each picked up event wins this time around, with the T-Rex winning the Giant’s Medley and Ragg taking the Deadlift.

Tristain Hoath’s 5th place was a tremendous achievement for a man making his debut and both his countryman, Wes Derwinsky, and Mexico’s Austin Andrade, also put in superb performances to place 6th and 7th respectively. Pavlo Kordiyaka won the Conan’s Wheel, but struggled in several events and could not recover the points he lost, finishing eventually in 8th.

Luke Stoltman, having qualified for his 5th final, finished 9th. A gruelling Stone-Off against a much-improved Eddie Williams in the heats may have taken the edge of the two-time Europe’s Strongest Man. The man he narrowly defeated in Leeds, Aivars Šmaukstelis, rounded off the field in 10th.

With both Tom Stoltman and Mitchell Hooper under 30-years-of-age, there could be many more repeats of their thrilling battle for the World’s Strongest Man title. Their rivalry looks set to rank among the sports greatest and with three titles already under Tom’s belt, there is every chance he could go on to take a 4th or 5th title.

Final Day 1

Event 1: Knaack Giant’s Medley

Evan Singleton made the best of starts to his campaign with a stunning 10-second victory in what proved to be a particularly gruelling medley. Only four athletes managed to finish the two 20m carries that begun with a 1,000lb (454kg) yoke, moving onto a 330kg frame carry. Singleton trapped his leg under the frame at the finish line and looked to be in considerable pain.

Having become the first Mexican strongman to reach the World’s Strongest Man final, Austin Andrade’s second place finish was an ideal start, just half a second ahead of Tom Stoltman, who had the best performance of the pre-final “big guns”. Wes Derwinsky was the only other man to complete the course.

Mitchell Hooper’s 6th place was a big surprise to many, given his usual brilliance in this type of event. Tearing his callouses, he was unable to finish the frame carry and gave up 3 points to his big rival Tom Stoltman. Matt Ragg faired little better in 7th and any hopes Pavlo Kordiyaka may have had of a podium place took a massive blow with his 10th place showing.

Place Name Result Points
1 Evan Singleton (USA) 30.21s 10
2 Austin Andrade (MEX) 40.61s 9
3 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 41.26s 8
4 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) 59.20s 7
5 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 35.54m 6
6 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 34.59m 5
7 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 28.90m 4
8 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 27.43m 3
9 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) 21.96m 2
10 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 20.99m 1

Event 2: Max Axle

The final’s second event turned into a Hooper vs Stoltman showdown, with both men pushing towards the Axle Press world record. The pair finished with 210kg lifts, to share top honours, moving The Albatross into a 1.5-point lead over Evan Singleton. Ukraine’s Pavlo Kordiyaka earned some valuable points with a 200kg best effort that saw him stand alone in 3rd.

Luke Stoltman, Andrade and Singleton tied 4th place with a 190kg lift, gaining solid points. Matt Ragg’s podium chances were not helped with his 170kg best effort, but he at least managed to complete the opening lift, unlike Wesley Derwinsky and Aivars Šmaukstelis.



Place Name Result Points Overall Points
=1 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 210kg 9.5 14.5
=1 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 210kg 9.5 17.5
3 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 200kg 8 9
=4 Austin Andrade (MEX) 190kg 6 15
=4 Evan Singleton (USA) 190kg 6 16
=4 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 190kg 6 9
7 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 180kg 4 10
8 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 170kg 3 7
9 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) No Lift 0 7
10 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) No Lift 0 2

Event 3: Keg Toss

The world record for this event had been established by Brian Shaw at the 2021 WSM final, with an incredible 7.75m. The opening height was set at 6.00m with everyone except Pavlo Kordiyaka successfully clearing it with the 15kg keg. The bar crept up in 0.5m intervals and gradually the field began to thin as each athlete was eliminated.

Tristain Hoath could go no higher that 6.00m, earning him 9th, whilst Luke Stoltman and Austin Andrade went out with a best of 6.50m. Aivars Šmaukstelis’s 7.00m, equalled by Ragg, was his best finish so far, gaining him =5th, whilst the T-Rex, Evan Singleton’s 7.00m gave him 4th place.

Derwinskey, Hooper and Tom Stoltman all crept over Shaw’s old record by a single centimetre, but none of them could go any higher to break the three-way tie for 1st place.

Event 3: KEG TOSS


Place Name Result Points Overall Points
=1 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 7.76m 9 26.5
=1 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 7.76m 9 23.5
=1 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) 7.76m 9 16
4 Evan Singleton (USA) 7.50m 7 23
=5 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 7.00m 5.5 12.5
=5 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) 7.00m 5.5 7.5
=7 Austin Andrade (MEX) 6.50m 3.5 18.5
=7 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 6.50m 3.5 12.5
9 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 6.00m 2 12
10 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 0 0 9

At the end of Day 1, Tom Stoltman had established a 3-point lead over his nemesis, Mitchell Hooper, with Singleton just a half point back from the Canadian. Stoltman had not put a foot wrong, and though Hooper had not been at his brilliant best, he was still within sight of his Scottish rival.

Final Day 2

Event 4: Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel

At 250kg this Conan’s Wheel was 50kg heavier than the one used at Giants Live events, for which Pavlo Kordiyaka holds the world record. It was no surprise therefore to see the Ukrainian take the event win with 922°. Mathew Ragg, whowon this event at the World Tour Finals, posted a solid 748° and as each competitor took their turn all eyes were on Hooper and Stoltman as they prepared to go.

With Hooper normally so strong in carrying events he unexpectedly appeared in real difficulty at the 1.5 revolution mark, but showing amazing determination, he ground out another three-quarters of a turn to take second place with 821°. Tom Stoltman set off like an express train and made two full circles before any real sign of fatigue became evident. In contrast to Hooper, the Scot succumbed to fatigue more quickly and downed the implement at 777°, to pass Ragg and take 3rd. Hooper had narrowed the gap by a single point, and the two hot favourites were stretching away from the field.



Place Name Result Points Overall Points
1 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 922° 10 19
2 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 821° 9 32.5
3 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 777° 8 34.5
4 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 748° 7 19.5
5 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) 681° 6 22
6 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 643° 5 17
7 Evan Singleton (USA) 598° 4 27
8 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 527° 3 15.5
9 Austin Andrade (MEX) 526° 2 20.5
10 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) 486° 1 8.5


Event 5: BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain deadlift

At last year’s contest it was Mitchell Hooper who prevailed in the 353kg deadlift, achieving a winning total of 8-reps. Two points adrift of Tom Stoltman with two events remaining, he knew that victory would hinge on him beating the giant Scot once again, hoping that two or three other athletes would get between them.

Austin Andrade set the early pace with 6 reps of this 374kg Deadlift. Tristain Hoath stretched to 7 reps before the penultimate pairing of Ragg and Stoltman took to their platforms. The New Zealander passed Hoath’s total to take the lead with 8 reps. Stoltman managed 7 but could not lock out an 8th and would share second place with Hooper and Kordiyaka still to lift.

Hooper began well, despite his torn hands, but having completed 6-reps, appeared to struggle with his grip, pausing to re-chalk his hands. A 7th rep was not on the cards and Hooper would join a three-way tie for =4th, ceding 2.5 points to the leader, Stoltman.

Taking a 4.5-point lead into the Atlas Stones, Stoltman, at this point looked unassailable, barring accidents. The race for 3rd, was very much still in the balance, however, with Singleton’s lead cut to just 1.5-points by Mathew Ragg, and Wesley Derwinsky just a further 1.5-points adrift.




Place Name Result Points Overall Points
1 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 8 reps 10 29.5
=2 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 7 reps 8.5 43
=2 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 7 reps 8.5 25.5
=4 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 6 reps 6 38.5
=4 Austin Andrade (MEX) 6 reps 6 26.5
=4 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) 6 reps 6 28
7 Evan Singleton (USA) 5 reps 4 31
8 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 4 reps 3 18.5
9 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) 3 reps 2 10.5
10 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 1 rep 1 20


Event 6: Atlas Stones

In customary fashion, the 2024 title was decided by the five Atlas Stones, ranging in weight from 140kg – 210kg. The opening pairing, featuring Luke Stoltman and Aivars Šmaukstelis, would be a repeat of their thrilling dead heat at Europe’s. On this occasion, it was the Latvian who was the quicker to three stones. Hoath and Kordiyaka both managed four stones, with the Canadian given the nod following a review of the video.

The penultimate heat would see Mathew Ragg and Evan Singleton go head-to-head for third place, with Ragg needing to beat the American by two places. With Ragg successfully loading four stones, the T-Rex could only manage three, but would lose only a single point to the New Zealand man, allowing him to stay in 3rd overall.

In the final pairing, Hooper would need to rely on an uncharacteristic mistake from Tom Stoltman to retain his title. The King of the Stones, however, would make no such errors and was the only man to finish all five stones in a winning time of 38.14s.



Place Name Result Points Overall Points
1 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 5 in 38.14s 10
2 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 4 in 37.35s 9
3 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 4 in 43.79s 8
4 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 4 in 44.58s 7
5 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 4 in 49.93s 6
6 Evan Singleton (USA) 3 in 24.09s 5
7 Austin Andrade (MEX) 3 in 24.42s 4
8 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) 3 in 30.80s 3
9 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) 3 in 32.88s 2
10 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 3 in 36.09s 1

Overall Standings

Overall Standings
Place Name Overall Points
1 Tom Stoltman (GBR) 53
2 Mitchell Hooper (CAN) 47.5
3 Evan Singleton (USA) 36
4 Mathew Ragg (NZL) 35.5
5 Tristain Hoath (CAN) 33.5
6 Wesley Derwinsky (CAN) 31
7 Austin Andrade (MEX) 30.5
8 Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR) 27
9 Luke Stoltman (GBR) 19.5
10 Aivars Šmaukstelis (LAT) 12.5



Pre-contest favourites, Mitchell Hooper and Tom Stoltman, both won their groups to move safely through to the final. Last year’s 5th place finisher, Evan Singleton came through Group 4 in 1st place, not even needing to contest the Car Walk. Pavlo Kordiyaka, who won his heat last year, made harder work of qualification, and needed to beat OSG champion, Marcus Crowder, in a Stone-Off.

Britain’s Luke Stoltman, fresh from his Europe’s Strongest Man victory, made his 5th final, coming through by virtue of an epic Stone-Off against an in-form Eddie Williams. Britain’s remaining athletes faired less well, with Gavin Bilton forced to withdraw with heat exhaustion and Adam Bishop rupturing his Achilles tendon in the Car Walk, having led his heat. Kane Francis finished 4th in Group 4.

The Canadian trio of Hooper, Wesley Dewinsky and Tristain Hoath all qualified for the final, with Hoath and Hooper winning their heats and Derwinsky defeating Jaco Schoonwinkle in a Stone-Off. Hoath, making his debut at World’s, only received his call-up two weeks ago!

The youngest man in the contest, Ondřej Fojtů of the Czech Republic, has grounds to feel the most unfortunate athlete from the heats, having secured second place in Group 2 by 2.5 points from Austin Andrade, only to be eliminated 8-7 in the Stone-Off. Andrade, also making his debut at World’s Strongest Man, became the first Mexican athlete to make the final.

Latvia’s Aivars Šmaukstelis made his first final since 2020, finishing second to Matt Ragg. Ragg was 9th in last year’s Grand Final and is expected to feature strongly in this final.

Notable absences from the top ten are Bobby Thompson, the 2021 finalist, who was forced to withdraw after Event 1. Trey Mitchell also misses the final for the first time since 2020, having twice finished 4th.

Heat Results

Group 1
Name Nation Points Webster




Sandbag Steeplechase Viking


Car Walk Stone-Off
1 T. Hoath CAN 25 31.38m 5 in 49.68s 6 in 63.36s 15 reps 23.20s Qualified
2 L. Stoltman GBR 21.5 33.12m 4 in 30.86s 6 in 64.16s 11 reps 24.14s 9 stones
3 E. Williams AUS 21.5 46.45m 5 in 58.07s 5 in 57.95s 10 reps 14.06s 8 stones
4 T. Mitchell USA 17 12.78m 4 in 49.72s 6 in 73.92s 16 reps 16.77m Eliminated
5 K. Faires USA 14.5 32.59m 4 in 42.35s 5 in 58.33s 11 reps 12.91m Eliminated
6 O. Ziólkowski POL 5.5 10.66m 3 in 46.35s 4 in 54.85s 10 reps 0.52m Eliminated
Group 2
Name Nation Points Webster




Sandbag Steeplechase Viking


Car Walk Stone-Off
1 M. Hooper CAN 25.5 40.00m 5 in 36.54s 6 in 53.84s 14 reps 3.30m Qualified
2 A. Andrade MEX 20 29.59m 5 in 51.14s 5 in 65.69s 12 reps 24.13s 8 stones
3 O. Fojtů CZE 22.5 40.00m 4 in 32.51s 6 in 62.91s 15 reps 2.01m 7 stones
4 S. Remick USA 16.5 27.79m 4 in 53.52s 5 in 66.41s 13 reps 20.87s Eliminated
5 N. Cambi ITA 10.5 14.69m 4 in 46.48s 0 in 75.00s 13 reps 35.69s Eliminated
6 G. Bilton GBR 7 25.27m 4 in 38.23s WD WD WD Eliminated
Group 3
Name Nation Points Webster




Sandbag Steeplechase Viking


Car Walk Stone-Off
1 M. Ragg NZL 23 21.93m 5 in 30.72s 6 in 60.10s 12 reps 19.17s Qualified
2 A. Šmaukstelis LAT 20 32.56m 4 in 35.88s 4 in 43.85s 14 reps 17.07s 1 stone
3 T. Evans USA 17 21.66m 5 in 52.53s 3 in 35.46s 17 reps 55.58s 1 stone
4 A. Bishop GBR 20.5 35.29m 5 in 27.17s 5 in 58.70s 7 reps 15.20m Eliminated
5 R. Kearney USA 15 20.35m 3 in 29.20s 5 in 72.10s 11 reps 12.07s Eliminated
6 P. O’Dwyer IRE 8.5 16.65m 4 in 40.11s 5 in 66.62s 7 reps 0 Eliminated
Group 4
Name Nation Points Webster




Sandbag Steeplechase Viking


Car Walk Stone-Off
1 E. Singleton USA 22 40.00m 5 in 44.50s 6 in 71.10s 16 reps 0 Qualified
2 P. Kordiyaka UKR 18 25.78m 3 in 26.64s 6 in 57.58s 14 reps 29.89s 5 stones
3 M. Crowder USA 17.5 35.92m 4 in 43.70s 4 in 36.65s 12 reps 22.23s 5 stones
4 K. Francis GBR 16.5 21.38m 4 in 26.98s 4 in 36.23s 12 reps 23.56s Eliminated
5 E. Nana GHA 15 20.16m 5 in 31.59s 5 in 61.82s 8 reps 18.36s Eliminated
6 R. Heinla EST 15 27.55m 4 in 40.27s 4 in 59.13s 9 reps 8.75m Eliminated


Group 5

Group 5
Name Nation Points Webster




Sandbag Steeplechase Viking


Car Walk Stone-Off
1 T. Stoltman GBR 23.5 29.74m 5 in 46.48s 6 in 53.69s 14 reps 2.7m Qualified
2 W. Derwinsky CAN 21.5 29.36m 5 in 45.90s 5 in 57.23s 13 reps 22.59s 8 stones
3 J. Schoonwinkle RSA 21 31.75m 4 in 29.87s 6 in 68.39s 12 reps 28.41s 8 stones
4 A Roszkowski POL 17.5 22.62m 3 in 37.35s 5 in 65.76s 14 reps 22.43s Eliminated
5 N. Goltry USA 16.5 24.56m 4 in 48.12s 6 in 74.95s 13 reps 36.98s Eliminated
6 B. Thompson USA 1 WD WD WD WD WD Eliminated


Best Performances

Event 1: Webster Stones

Unsurprisingly, Eddie Williams (AUS) recorded the best distance of the heats with these 136kg and 113kg stones, managing 46.45m. Hooper, Fojtů, and Singleton all completed 40.00m

Event 2: Deadlift Ladder

Adam Bishop’s 5 bars in 27.17s was a blistering run that no one could better across all five groups. Matt Ragg’s 30.72s, and Mitchell Hooper’s 36.53s were the next best times for the 300-380kg barbells.

Event 3: Sandbag Steeplechase

No one was able to better Tom Stoltman’s 53.69s completion of the three 120kg sandbags. Mitchell Hooper and Pavlo Kordiyaka came closest with 53.75s and 57.58 respectively.

Event 4: Globe Viking Press

America’s Thomas Evans reached 17 reps with the 150kg apparatus – a total that no one was able to eclipse. Trey Mitchell, renowned for his ability in this event, reached 16 reps along with Evan Singleton.

Event 5: Car Walk

Rob Kearney produced a blistering 12.07s to record the fastest time if the day with the 1,000lb cars. Eddie Williams’ 14.06s and Aivars Šmaukstelis’ 17.07s were the next two fastest.