• 11 September, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Qualifying for the World’s Strongest Man Contest

Hello, strength enthusiasts! Have you ever dreamed of flexing your muscles on the World stage – specifically, competing at the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest?

Well, this is your comprehensive guide on how to transform that dream into reality. The journey to the World’s Strongest Man stage is one that many begin but few complete. Just the top 30 athletes from around the globe ever qualify to receive that golden ticket to the World’s Strongest Man. Along the road, you will endure hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training to hone your body into a lifting machine. However, the final destination has clear and simple landmark contests that will indicate how close you are to becoming the Strength World’s next King of Kings. The premier destination has to be the Giants Live’s Arena contest tour.

The Main Road through Giants Live’s Arena Contest Tour

Giants Live isn’t just a professional strength competition; it also serves as the official qualifier for the World’s Strongest Man contest series.

Throughout the year, Giants Live events scour the globe in search of the strongest individuals. They have been hosted everywhere from Australia to Iceland, with the UK and USA frequently being the primary host nations. Each of these adrenaline-pumping contests typically involves a mixture of five events that test up to 14 athletes in one evening of competition. If you’re on form and secure a top-three podium finish, you’ll not only earn a generous prize but also one of the three golden tickets to the WSM Heat stage from each event.

Where does this position you? It means you have become one of the 30 men who will compete in the Group Stages of the World’s Strongest Man Finals. Each of these Heats or Groups has six athletes, and they are narrowed down to just two who make the World’s Strongest Man Final – the top 10 in the World. Those ten men then face a further five events, and the winner is crowned the World’s Strongest Man.

The Champions’ Privilege

Past glories come with rewards. What does that mean?

If you’ve previously won the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) and have maintained a peak level of performance, you’re likely considered for an automatic qualification spot. Furthermore, the previous year’s champion is unquestionably granted an automatic invite, a testament to the outstanding achievement of winning the pinnacle event in strength athletics.

The Official Strongman Games: Everyone’s Gateway to Glory

The Official Strongman Games stands out as the World Championships for various age, weight, and gender categories in the sport of strongman. This inclusive digital platform starts with an online search for the top 20+ potential athletes worldwide in each category. Thanks to, anyone, anywhere, can participate in the online competition and potentially receive the invite that culminates in each category’s World’s Strongest title.

However, there’s a twist for the Heavyweight Men’s category. While top finishers don’t get the world’s strongest crown, the podium finishers receive a guaranteed invitation to a Giants Live contest. They might even be fast-tracked to the very top, earning a shot at the WSM Contest later that year. So, if you dream big and think making the online cut is achievable, a top-three finish at the Official Strongman Games could pave your golden path to the WSM. For those not in the Male Open Heavyweight category, the Official Strongman Games itself can crown your World title.

The Global Strongman Circuit

Strongman isn’t solely about one contest or route. Other exceptional and renowned competitions, like the Arnold Strongman Classic and The Rogue Invitational, also hold significant weight in the eyes of athletes and selectors. A top finish at these international contests can certainly bolster your chances of earning a WSM spot, but the primary route of Giants Live is the only guaranteed way to participate in WSM each year.

Myth Busting: A Top Finish Doesn’t Guarantee an Easy Ride

It’s often discussed that if you’ve reached the top 10 of the WSM Contest from the previous year, you’ve already caught the selectors’ eyes, and your proven ability is enough. This isn’t necessarily true. If, for some reason, you can’t navigate through that year’s Official Strongman Games or fail to get an opportunity to compete at a Giants Live event, then a strong case can be made for your selection. Yet, it’s merely an indicator of ability; each year, athletes should always aim for a guaranteed spot, or that year’s WSM selection isn’t assured.

In Conclusion

The road to the World’s Strongest Man contest is undeniably paved with iron weights, roaring crowds, and unparalleled strength tests ensuring the Top 30 are the world’s mightiest men. It also requires heart, grit, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Whether your journey starts online or in the arena, the dream of standing on the WSM stage is within reach. Train hard, compete even harder, and who knows? We might just witness you at the next World’s Strongest Man contest!

But what if being a spectator is more your style? Not everyone is destined for the World’s Strongest Man title, but that doesn’t diminish the awe and appreciation for the herculean tasks these athletes undergo. In 2024, Giants Live expects over 50,000 fans at their Arena Shows. Join us for one of the most thrilling and spectacular nights you’ll ever experience. For tickets and details of our Giants Live shows, please visit our “Upcoming Shows” section on the Giants Live website.

Frequently asked questions

Can I livestream the show online?

Yes! All Giants Live show will be streamed live via Official Strongman. You will also be able to watch a replay on Official Strongman.        

How can I watch World’s Strongest Man 2023 on TV in the UK?

In the UK, you will be able to watch Giants Live and the World's Strongest Man 2023 shows on Channel 5 in December 2023. The Giants Live shows available to watch are Britain's Strongest Man, Europe's Strongest Man, The Strongman Classic, The Strongman Open featuring the World Deadlift Championships and lastly the World Tour Finals. The World's Strongest Man 2o23 contest was held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The 2023 Channel 5 Christmas TV schedule has now been released as follows:

  • 20th December 2023 7pm: Britain's Strongest Man
  • 21st December 2023 7pm: Europe's Strongest Man
  • 22nd December 2023 7pm: The Strongman Classic
  • 23rd December 2023 7.10pm: The Strongman Open and the World Deadlift Championships
  • 26th December 2023 7pm: The World Tour Finals
  • 27th December 2023 7pm: World's Strongest Man Heat 1
  • 28th December 2023 7pm: World's Strongest Man Heat 2
  • 29th December 2023 7pm: World's Strongest Man Heat 3
  • 30th December 2023 7.25pm: World's Strongest Man Heat 4
  • 31st December 2023 7pm: World's Strongest Man Heat 5
  • 1st January 2024 7pm: World's Strongest Man Final

What is Giants Live?

Giants Live is the ONLY Official World's Strongest Man Arena Tour! Giants Live tours the UK's biggest and best arenas, bringing the THRILL of Strongman sport to tens of thousands of fans every year. Nothing quite matches the adrenaline rush of seeing these real-life GIANTS carry, lift, hulk, drag and throw barely believable weights, mere feet from your seat!

Who is World’s Strongest Man (WSM)?

Canadian born Mitchell Hooper is the World's Strongest Man. He won the contest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in April 2023. Mitchell Hooper was born on 29th September 1995.

Who won the World’s Strongest Man 2023?

Mitchell Hooper won World's Strongest Man 2023. The contest took place in Myrtle Beach, Florida in April where Hooper narrowly beat 2022's World's Strongest Man, Tom Stoltman.