• 22 October, 2023

How to Watch World’s Strongest Man on Television

Giants Live & World’s Strongest Man: Where to Watch?

Most strength fans understand that World’s Strongest Man has long since been done and dusted before it reaches our television screens at Christmas time. Tuning into the sports’ greatest contest, including the Giants Live WSM Arena Tour qualification shows, couldn’t be simpler and there are a multitude of ways to make sure you don’t miss a single rep of the action!

Strongman has come a fair way since the late 70’s, when it first appeared on our TV screens. Back then there was no such thing as a fully professional strongman, but as the sport has grown, competitive opportunities have multiplied and the superhuman athletes we see today are regularly producing performances that the likes of Jón Páll Sigmarsson and Geoff Capes would not have dreamt possible.

The sport is now a global spectator event and opportunities to watch the world’s most powerful men and women have also expanded rapidly. This includes live attendance of contests, such as the Giants Live Arena Tour, live streaming, YouTube, and other social media platforms, and of course television; the traditional way to enjoy log pressing and stone lifting – at Christmas time, of course!

Where to Watch World’s Strongest Man

If you happened to be in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, between 19th – 23rd April then you would have had the perfect opportunity to watch the world’s premier strength contest – World’s Strongest Man. Admission to the Burroughs & Chaplin Pavilion Place spectator viewing area was free, as was the fan festival. If not, then watching on television is the only option.

Strongman fans in the United States were able to watch the 2023 WSM contest across CBS and CBS Sports Network during the Summer with all the heats and finals aired between May 28th and July 27th. All episodes were also available on Paramount+ (Live). British fans, however, are forced to wait much longer and must hold out until Christmas with Channel 5 broadcasting the competition throughout the festive period with the climactic Grand Final usually held on New Year’s Day.

If waiting until December is too long to be kept in suspense, the various WSM social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, feature plenty of behind-the-scenes coverage courtesy of two-time podium finisher Terry “Big Tel” Hollands who interviewed the competitors as the action unfolded.

Where to Watch Giants Live Contests

Live Shows

The best way, of course, is to attend the live arena shows and soak up the atmosphere in person. Giants host around seven shows per year all over the UK in the best indoor arenas. From the season opening Britain’s Strongest Man, in Sheffield, to the World Tour Finals, in Glasgow, Giants also visit London’s Royal Albert Hall, Leeds, Cardiff, and Liverpool. Tickets are available via the Giants Live website:

Streaming and Social Media

All Giants Live events are live streamed and are available to watch via The site features not just upcoming contests but includes an archive of past shows featuring never-before-seen footage from the WSM Qualifying Tour.

Giants has a sizeable social media presence including its YouTube channel, Giants Live STRONGMAN, which has attracted 1.1million subscribers and features a huge array of videos, contest footage, highlights, and interviews. Their Facebook page has 4.1million followers and is the best place to see updated information on their contest schedules and video releases.

Watching on Television

Giants Live’s Arena Tour shows are broadcast each year on UK television’s Channel 5 over the festive period. The contests provide qualification opportunities for athletes to receive invites for the World’s Strongest Man heats and final. Five one-hour Giants Live programmes are aired prior to the World’s Strongest Man episodes, and these include:

  1. Britain’s Strongest Man
  2. Europe’s Strongest Man
  3. The Strongman Classic
  4. The Strongman Open
  5. World Tour Finals

A precise broadcast schedule has not yet been released but including the five World’s Strongest Man heats and Grand Final, there will be eleven episodes aired throughout mid-to-late December, including Boxing Day, with the 90-minute World’s Strongest Man Grand Final usually shown on New Year’s Day.

With So many viewing possibilities available there really is no excuse to miss out on watching strongman on tv!

Frequently asked questions

How can I watch World’s Strongest Man 2023 on TV in the UK?

In the UK, you will be able to watch Giants Live and the World's Strongest Man 2023 shows on Channel 5 in December 2023. The Giants Live shows available to watch are Britain's Strongest Man, Europe's Strongest Man, The Strongman Classic, The Strongman Open featuring the World Deadlift Championships and lastly the World Tour Finals. The World's Strongest Man 2o23 contest was held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Who is the World’s Strongest Man currently?

The 2023 World's Strongest Man is Canadian, Mitchell Hooper. He won the title in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The World's Strongest Man 2023 contest took place between the 19th and 23rd April.

Who is the strongest man in the world?

Canadian born Mitchell Hooper is currently the strongest man in the world. He won World's Strongest Man in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on 23rd April 2023 aged 27.

Who won the 2023 World’s Strongest Man?

Mitchell Hooper was crowned the 2023 World's Strongest Man in Myrtle Beach, California on 23rd April.