• 1 April, 2019
  • 2 mins

Giants Live announces $50,000 prize for the man who can lift 501kg

On an incredible night in 2016, to the roar of 10,000 screaming fans, Eddie Hall pulled off what many had previously believed to be impossible: the half tonne deadlift!

Eddie’s accomplishment was so extraordinary that the World Deadlift Championships has not run as a max weight event since.

But this year, The World Deadlift Championships for MAX WEIGHT is back! The event is set to take place on 6 July 2019 at Wembley – and Giants Live has just upped the ante by announcing a $50,000 prize to any man who can beat the 500kg world record on the night.

Can any man lift 501kg?

There are few men in this world with the raw strength and power to even consider such a feat.

Three men attempted the 500kg lift in 2016: Jerry Pritchett was unfortunately taken out with an injury, Benni Magnusson got the weight off the floor, but didn’t make the lift – and, of course, only Eddie was able to finish the job.

Earlier this year, current World’s Strongest Man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, set a new elephant bar record of 474kg but failed to lift 501kg on the same bar, saying “the 501 would have to wait for another day”.

Eddie’s 500kg record was on a standard barbell and the same set up is planned for Wembley. We certainly think a new record is possible, but which man has the talent, power and unique strength of character required to take on this challenge? It’s not just for the glory of lifting more than any man has ever lifted, but now the challengers also fight for what is one of the largest sums of prize money the sport of strongman has ever seen.

Come and witness history being made at the SSE Arena, Wembley on 6 July 2019! >>> Giants Live, Wembley, featuring the World Deadlift Championship 2019<<<