• 25 July, 2021

The Giants are back! Strongman Classic 2021: Full Results

5 Challenges. 11 Giants. 1 spectacular show of strength!

On 24th July 2021, almost 18 months since the last live audience arena show, the roar of the crowd finally returned to strength sports.

And what a roar it was!

5,000 strongman fans witnessed strength sports history: an astonishing world record, a fierce battle for the title and some nail biting strongman drama, all showcased inside the iconic 150 year old Royal Alert Hall.

Strongman returned to the big stage with a bang.

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Below you can find the full results.

Well done to all athletes and thank you, strongman fans for your support.

The Giants are back, baby!

An incredible moment at the Royal Albert Hall – Iron Biby breaks Eddie Hall’s Axle Press World Record!

Event 1: World Axle Press Championships 2021

Event 2: Hercules Hold

Event 3: Axle Deadlift for reps

Event 4: Frame Carry

Event 5: Castle Stones

Final scores

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