Pavlo Nakonechnyy

Date of birth 07/12/1997 Country Ukraine Height 1.93m (6' 4") Weight 170kg (375lb)
About Pavlo Nakonechnyy


Pavlo Nakonechnyy is a professional strongman and powerlifter who has risen to prominence in the last few years due largely to his incredible deadlifting ability. At 6’ 4” tall and over 170kg/375lb in bodyweight, the twenty-four-year-old Ukrainian has built a truly imposing physique and is being tipped for big success in the very near future.

Nakonechkyy has won world titles in powerlifting and achieved incredible results as a junior lifter. Having competed sparingly in strongman, he exploded onto the scene in 2021, but has since had to put his ambitions on hold due to the war in Ukraine. Pavlo had been working as a volunteer, delivering humanitarian aid, but has since returned to the fray like many of Ukraine’s other elite sportsmen and women, and he seems to mean business!


Beginning his lifting journey at just fourteen, the young Nakonechnny gained both size and strength at an alarming rate and at the age of sixteen made his powerlifting debut at the GPF Junior World Championship, where he took the gold medal.

Between 2016 and 2019, Pavlo made incredible progress, taking his total from below 600kg/1323lb to a truly astounding raw total, given his age of just twenty-one, of 1070kg/2359lb. Along the way he endured several titanic battles with his main adversary, Luke Richardson of Great Britain, to whom he lost out to on a few occasions. However, Pavlo was able to win world titles in the IPF junior division and the WRPF federation in the open class.

In 2018 he began strongman training, and won the Arnold Amateur Europe show, qualifying him for the Arnold Amateur World Championships. It wasn’t to be for Pavlo after he pulled his biceps attempting a 415kg/915lb deadlift on his way to the 2019 WPRF Open world title.

In 2019 he began on his “Road to 505kg” (1,113lb) along with many other top deadlifters and competed at the Giants Live World Open and World Deadlift Championships, coming equal 2nd with a tremendous 453.5kg/1,000lb lift and placing 4th overall in the strongman competition. Having already lifted 475kg/1,047lb in training, with some ease, he was understandably frustrated with his attempt at a new world record. His considerable progress in strongman was evident to all in 2022 when he returned victorious to the World Open, winning in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, his first major competition win in Strongman.

Best Title

Pavlo returned to competition, following the start of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, at the Giants Live World Open in 2022 and though he could deadlift no more than he had the previous year (453.5kg/1,000lb), his all-round performance was truly stunning and he was able to take the victory, defeating defending champion Evan Singleton, as well as 2020 World’s Strongest Man, Oleksii Novikov.

Competition Results


  • 2014 GPF World Championships (junior): 1st place
  • 2016 IPF World University Powerlifting Cup (junior): 1st place
  • 2017 European Classic Powerlifting Championships (junior): 2nd place
  • 2017 IPF World Championships (junior): 1st place
  • 2019 European Classic Open (junior): 2nd place
  • WRPF World Championships (open division): 1st place


  • World Deadlift Championship: 2021 & 2022 – equal 2nd place
  • Giants Live World Open: 2022 – winner, 2021 – 4th place
  • 2021 Middle East’s Strongest Man: 6th place
  • 2019 Ultimate Strongman’s Junior World Championships: Runner-up
  • 2019 Arnold Amateur Europe: Winner
  • 2019 Best Nordic Strongman: 4th place

Best Lifts


  • Squat 380kg/838lb (raw)
  • Squat with wraps: 410kg/904lb
  • Raw Bench: 275kg/606lb
  • Deadlift: 390kg/860lb (raw)
  • Total: 1010.5kg/2228lb (raw)
  • Total with wraps: 1070kg/ 2359lb


  • Deadlift: 453.5kg/1,000lb
  • Log lift: 180kg/397lb
  • Log lift for repetitions: 7 reps with 150kg/330lb log
  • Atlas Stones: 5 stones from 100-180kg/220-397lb in 17.65 seconds

Training Lifts:

  • Deadlift 475kg/1,047lb

Present Day

Having proved he can win a major international show there is a great deal of speculation about what further success Nakonechnyy can achieve. Having now qualified to take his place at the 2023 World’s Strongest Man there is no doubt that he will be preparing for it with even greater focus and expectation. There are no obvious weaknesses in the giant Ukrainian’s abilities and at just twenty-four there is every reason to expect he can still make considerable improvements.

Pavlo has also continued to state his intention to break the world record in the deadlift and achieve the 505kg/1,113lb lift that is proving so elusive to strongman’s best pullers.


Pavlo is active on Instagram where he shares snippets of his training and competitions to his 64k followers. His account is under @pavlo_nakonechnyy.

YouTube content makers seem to have found his rise to prominence in strongman particularly fascinating and there are many videos devoted to his development from powerlifting and speculating on his activities following the Russian invasion.

Pavlo’s victory at the World Open in Cardiff will be broadcast on Channel 5 over the Christmas period.

Videos of Pavlo Nakonechnyy


(Another!) 505kg-1113lbs World Record DEADLIFT Attempt

(Another!) 505kg-1113lbs World Record DEADLIFT Attempt

Road to 505 powered by Gymshark | EP3 | Pavlo Nakonechnyy

Road to 505 powered by Gymshark | EP3 | Pavlo Nakonechnyy



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505kg DEADLIFT attempts for $50,000!

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WATCH Strongmen Pavlo and Makarov attempt the World Record 505kg Deadlift!

WATCH Strongmen Pavlo and Makarov attempt the World Record 505kg Deadlift!
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