Nadia Stowers

Nickname Storm Date of birth 17/03/1992 Country North America Height 1.65m (5'5") Weight 82kg (180lbs)
About Nadia Stowers


Nadia Stowers is a professional strongwoman, U82kg World Strongest Woman and multiple U82kg World Record holder. She lives in Fontana, California and works as a gym manager and personal coach at Big Speed and Strength. She is renowned for static strength, particularly in deadlift and all forms of pressing overhead.

She is coached by strongman and gym owner Jacob Finnerty and attributes her transformation from “24-hour gym rat” to World Champion Strongwoman, to him. Finnerty is a notable strongman – he owns world records in natural stone and block press.

Amazingly, Nadia had never played any sports before she took up strongwoman. However, she did take part in marching band for three years in high school, which she describes as “exhausting.” She played clarinet and tenor-saxophone. Nadia is smaller in stature than many other top strongwomen but is not deterred: “I may be the smallest, but we’ve all seen what an ant can do!”


Nadia began exercising at 24-Hour Fitness and progressed from barbell classes to lifting real weights under the tutelage of Finnerty. Her involvement in strongwoman began when she watched her coach and mentor competing at a show, as well as the female competitors warming up with the Circus Dumbbell and was fascinated by the events.

Her first competition was the 2019, U82kg World’s Strongest Woman, which is certainly a high starting point! Earning her pro card proved difficult with competitive opportunities scarce, due to the global pandemic. In 2021, she won America’s Strongest Woman, her first title.

At the 2021 Clash on the Coast, Nadia wowed the strongman community by setting middle weight World Records in Log Lift, with 117.93kg/260lb and Block Press, in which she successfully lifted 97.52kg/215lbs. However, her greatest achievement that year was in winning the U82kg World’s Strongest Woman title, at the Official Strongman Games, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In October of 2021 Nadia took part in the Static Monsters Worldwide event, in which competitors post their lifts in two disciplines online. Nadia cemented her reputation for being a static powerhouse by posting World Records of 130.6kg/288lbs in the Log Lift and 299.4kg/660lbs in the Axle Deadlift.

In 2022, she returned to the Clash on the Coast contest for the U82kg invitational and placed 3rd behind winner Melissa Peacock (CAN) and Sam Belliveau (CAN). She also claimed another title when she won California’s Strongest woman, competing in the open class.

Best Title

In 2021, Nadia became the U82kg World’s Strongest Woman at Daytona Beach Florida, beating 2nd place Hannah Brock, of Canada, by seven points and 3rd placed Sandra Bradley of Germany. Stowers took a commanding lead, wining the first three events – Log Lift for repetitions, Car Walk and deadlift Ladder.

Competition Results

  • U82kg World’s Strongest Woman: 2021 – Winner, 2019 – 6th Place
  • 2021 America’s Strongest Woman: Winner
  • 2022 Clash on the Coast: 3rd Place
  • 2022 California’s Strongest Woman: Winner

Best Lifts

Competition Lifts

  • Log Lift 130.6kg/288lbs (U82kg World Record)
  • Axle Deadlift: 299.4kg/660lbs (U82kg World Record)
  • Block press: 97.52kg/215lbs (U82kg World Record)
  • Axle press: 128kg/282lbs
  • Circus dumbbell:  77kg/170lbs
  • Sandbag Toss: 4.57m/15’ with 18.14kg bag (World record)


  • Deadlift: 265kg/584lb
  • Deadlift for repetitions: 238kg/525lb x 3 reps
  • Log Lift: 131.5kg/290lb
  • Super Yoke carry: 327kg/720lb yoke
  • Farmer’s Walk: 137.5kg/300lb in each hand
  • Squat: 211kg/465lb

Present Day

Nadia’s main goal, put simply in her own words, is “to become legendary.” She will continue to push her records forward and she has big milestones of 600lb (272.5kg) in the deadlift and 300lb (137.5kg) in the log lift, firmly in her sights.

She will be representing Team USA at the Giants Live World Strongest Nation contest, where male and female teams from the USA will be taking on Team UK on 26th November 2022 at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena.



Nadia can be found on Facebook at Nadia Stowers, where there are plenty of videos of her in action. On Instagram she goes by the handle: nadiastowers_bigstorm. Nadia does not have her own YouTube channel, but there are many videos on the platform of Nadia’s various world records and competitive performances, as well as some in-depth interviews.

Videos of Nadia Stowers


World’s Strongest Nation 2023: UK vs USA

World’s Strongest Nation 2023: UK vs USA
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