Louis Jack

Nickname Highland Zeus Date of birth 23/09/1991 Country England Height 1.91m (6' 3") Weight 152kg (335lbs)
About Louis Jack


Louis Jack is one of Britain’s fastest improving strongmen and is the current Official Scotland’s Strongest Man. From Dornoch, in the Scottish Highlands, Louis has positioned himself as the next up-and-coming Scotsman to join the ranks of world-class Caledonian strength athletes.

Achieving particular success as a stone-lifter, which is perhaps not surprising given the fact that he has had to vie with Tom Stoltman and Andy Black on the domestic scene, Louis has excellent all-round ability. He combines solid overhead strength with an impressive deadlift and has shown he is no slouch in the moving events.


Louis attributes much of his current upward trajectory in the sport to his partnership with Dale McPherson of 3D Strength Systems, who also assists “The Bull”, Gavin Bilton in his strength and conditioning training.

Jack first appeared in major domestic competition in 2020, competing at UK’s Strongest Man where he finished 6th. The following year he could only muster an 8th place but was able to top the standings at the Ultimate Strongman Scotland’s Strongest Man – his first domestic title. He repeated the feat in 2022.

2022 has been a tremendous year for Louis; he placed a highly creditable 4th at the English Strongman Champions League event, winning the Atlas Stones event. He was able to take the silver medal at UK’s Strongest Man, behind Paul Smith of England, before claiming the Official Scotland’s Strongest Man title at the SEC in September – the first man in ten years to do so who isn’t named Stoltman or Black.

Most recently, Jack placed 10th at the Arnold Classic Strongman UK contest, but again managed to win the Atlas Stones against a world class line-up including 2020 World’s Strongest Man Oleksii Novikov and in-form Mitchell Hooper of Canada.

Best Title

On 17th September 2022 Louis was able to win the official Scotland’s Strongest Man contest at the SEC Glasgow. The previous year he had placed 4th, behind winner Andy Black, aka “The Bulldozer.” For several years the Stoltman brothers have dominated the national Scottish championships with Luke winning five titles to Tom’s two. More recently Andy Black has dominated the event. Louis was the first new winner in ten years.

Jack was able to come from behind to overhaul an early lead established by Zake Muluzi who had performed very well in the early events such as the Deadlift Ladder, Arm-Over-Arm Truck Pull and Pressing Medley. Jack performed consistently across all six events and was able to capitalise on Muluzi’s mistakes in the Loading Race to take the victory in the Atlas Stone decider.

Competition Results

  • Official Scotland’s Strongest Man: 2022 – winner, 2021 – 4th place
  • UKSM Scotland’s Strongest Man: 2022 & 2021 – Winner
  • 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic UK: 10th place
  • Strongman Champions League, England: 4th place
  • UK Strongest Man: 2022 – runner-up, 2021 – 8th place, 2020 – 6th place

Best Lifts


  • Log lift 180kg/397lb
  • Atlas Stones: 5 stones in 23.91 sec
  • Silver Dollar Deadlift: 420kg/926lb
  • Dumbbell press: 105kg/231lb


  • Deadlift: 405kg/893lb
  • Squat: 340kg/750lb
  • Bench press: 240kg/529lb
  • Single Atlas Stone: 220kg/485lb

Present Day

Louis’ inclusion in the major domestic and international contests now looks assured following his Scotland’s Strongest Man victory. Having competed at the Arnold UK, he will be making his Giants Live debut at the World Tour Finals on his home turf, at the Glasgow OVO Hydra Arena. Appearances at future Britain’s Strongest Man competitions look likely and from there Louis will be setting his sights on World’s Strongest Man qualification.

The Scotsman has made extremely rapid progress through the ranks over the last few years. He recently posted a picture of himself in the crowd at the 2018 Scotland’s Strongest Man contest, watching Tom Stoltman claim his first Scottish title. Alongside that he posted another shot of him receiving the trophy from the same man, just four years later.


Louis keeps several social media channels active, including his Instagram account: @louis_jack_strongman, where his followers can stay abreast of his training and competition performances. He is also active on Facebook as Louis Jack Strongman, as well as Tik Tok where he can be found as @highlandzeus. He will appear on UK television this Christmas as a competitor in the World Tour Finals as part of Channel 5’s World’s Strongest Man coverage, which includes the Giants Live Arena Tour, as well as the WSM finals.

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