2022: The Strongman Classic

2022: The Strongman Classic

Royal Albert Hall, London - 09 Jul 2022

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Over 120 years after the legendary Eugen Sandow held 'the Great Competition', Giants Live brings the 21st century version of Strongman back to where it all started!

Get ready to see feats of strength that would make legendary strength stars such as Louis Cyr, Apollon the Mighty and Eugen Sandow rub their eyes in disbelief as the biggest and baddest Strongmen on the planet take on 5 incredible tests of strength in the Royal Albert Hall!

Announcing Giants Live’s triumphant return to action in 2021, fans were treated to a show for the ages- World Records smashed, legends performing their swansong and even a nail-biting photo finish for the victory!

2022 is set to be another incredible event- hot off the heels of World’s Strongest Man 2022, the Giants will be raring to prove themselves once again against the biggest and best Strongmen on the planet. Oleksii Novikov made amends at The Strongman Classic for a disappointing World’s Strongest Man in 2021- after being knocked out in the group stages, he put on a scintillating display of strength and speed in front of a packed crowd and claimed victory at the inaugural Strongman Classic.

Jaw-dropping, inspirational and larger than life - this is live strength sport and entertainment at its absolute biggest and best! There is only one World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour and this is it!

Pre-sale starts: Thursday 11th November 2021 (join our exclusive pre-sale list www.giants-live.com/signup for access!).
Tickets on general sale: Friday 12th November 2021


You’ve seen it on TV, now see the real thing! Nothing quite matches the adrenaline rush of seeing these real-life GIANTS carry, lift, hulk, drag and throw barely believable weights, mere feet from your seat! 

Get up close and personal and shake the giant hands of the biggest Strongman superstars with our VIP experience. Check out what these VIPs had to say about Giants Live!

Don’t miss your chance to see the Strongest Men in the world, LIVE in London- tickets are selling fast, get yours before they’re gone!

The Strongman Classic 2022 will be filmed for Channel 5 as part of the Official World's Strongest Man Arena Tour.

*Please note, due to the nature of the event, the line-up of stars and feats of strength at each show is always subject to change

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