• 28 April, 2022

Royal Albert Hall Events revealed!

The Giants return to London in 2022 with a BRAND-NEW Event!

In 2021, the crowds were treated to possibly the most dramatic moment in Strongman EVER, when Burkina Faso’s Iron Biby pressed a new Axle World Record on the 3rd time of asking. Expect more drama in 2022, and we’ve got 5 epic events lined up for The 2022 in London!

Event 1: Dumbbell Medley

The Giants will face a series of 5 gigantic circus dumbbells- starting at 80kg and increasing to 110kg this is one challenge not to be underestimated! We last saw the Dumbbell Medley at Britain’s Strongest Man 2021 and not one of the men that night managed to hoist the final 110kg dumbbell overhead. Can anyone press it in London?

Event 2: The Pillars of Hercules

This fan-favourite event returns again in 2021, and Mark Felix is back to try and extend his World Record! He won’t be the only one gunning for that record, though- with both Iron Biby and Evan Singleton getting within touching distance of the current record last year, Mark might have more than his own record to beat!

Event 3: NEW! Farmer’s Carry for Max Distance

A twist on the age-old Strongman event! We’re challenging the Giants to carry 150kg in each hand for as far as they possibly can! There’s no time limit, but how long can they grip those HUGE carries straight after the giant Hercules Pillars?

Event 4: Axle Deadlift for Reps

A classic Strongman event! The Giants will go head-to-head on identical 360kg axles- replicas of a train car axle- as. they try and lift it as many times as possible within 60 seconds. The record is currently held by 2019 World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis with 8 reps, 4 events in this will be a huge challenge to beat!

Event 5: Castle Stones

There isn’t any better way to finish a Strongman show than with a good old fashioned stone showdown! The Giants will get 60 seconds to lift stones ranging from 120kg to 200kg as quickly as possible to the platform. Last year we saw a photo-finish between Oleksii Novikov and Evan Singleton, with Novikov doing JUST enough to clinch the overall victory, a truly nail biting finish!

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